Perfection is the goal of every woman when it comes to fashion, whether it is wearing a wedding outfit or jewelry. In pursuit of such flawlessness, it is obvious that women tend to experiment more than her male counterpart. And wearing a necklace poses its own challenges. There are several factors to consider while selecting that shining diamond necklace or diamond pendant depending on your neckline.

We have considered the ethnic or traditional wear and laid down few simple tips that can help you find a necklace that perfectly compliments your neckline.

First of all, a necklace must match with the neckline of your outfit. Though it sounds simple, it isn’t so. There are various types of neckline, and therefore it is important to know which jewelry can make your look more noticeable.

Scoop neckline – if you have planned an outfit with a scoop neckline, the fashion experts suggest that you pair it with a layered choker or heavy layered choker. Make

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