About Evolv.

Laboratory grown diamonds are redefining the jewelry industry by being the new-age alternative to mined diamonds. They are made up of the same DNA, carbon, the building blocks of mined diamonds. Created from a deep desire to bring aspirational luxury to the masses, these are grown by replicating the earth’s organic processes, these are physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds.

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Evolution of Lab Grown Diamonds & Evolv

The journey was tough, rough and enlightening, we had to change the way we thought, we had to change the way we wanted to send the message across, we had to change the way we listened to our customers.
We had to change ! We had to EVOLV. to put this together.

Regular production of economically viable lab grown diamonds produced in gem quality for jewelry was made possible.

Customer amazed by this new technology driven product

More and more companies starting to offer lab grown diamonds to customers in a slowing natural diamond market.Maybe finding alternate ways to get a new age product and a new age customer in the store.

The mind tickled the brain , why don’t we offer a branded product ?
We started discussing the possibilities and eventually the name Evolv. was born around the month of November 2016

Endless brainstorming sessions, and efforts were made to put the pieces of the puzzle together,right from creating the brand image and keeping mind the message we wanted to send through Evolv.

We had a lot of unanswered questions, but we wanted to pack all the questions in one gift box by finding solutions to every question through Evolv.

How to give a different experience ?
How do we give a quality product, where one could have a luxury experience, and yet be economical on the pocket ?
How can we reach to the people who have always aspired to wear diamonds but always looked at fine jewelry as something that others can afford ? and many more.

Every piece of the puzzle was now giving shape to the idea, and by the end of the year we were ready with our agenda.

Every thought we had penned down was now being worked upon and in a couple of months, through a lot learning along the way, we were physically ready with Evolv. – Now was the time we had to go out and share the message.

Finally Evolv. reached the stores and is now available to customers in 4 states in United States.

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