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Evolv. Showcases it’s Trendy Jewelry Collection at JCK Las Vegas

Evolv., a prominent lab-grown jewelry brand, showcased its trendy and elegant jewelry collection at JCK Las Vegas. The JCK Las Vegas is one of the biggest B2B Exhibitions with 2300+ vendors from around the globe participating in this massive event. In a show that has 23% attendance from outside the USA, Evolv. revealed its exquisite designs of lab-grown diamond  jewelry.…

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Why a Diamond Ring is the Ultimate Testament of Love

Have you ever wondered why the beautiful bride walk down the aisle wearing white? Or why flowers form an inescapable part of every wedding occasion? It is simple. Humans always use symbols that represent emotions and express moments. Since ancient times, dazzling rings were considered a symbol of marriage. The earliest use of a diamond ring for a marriage proposal…

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Choosing a Lab-Grown Diamond Necklace: Making a Sound Choice

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. It is time to gift your love something exquisite that she will remember through her lifetime. There could be nothing better than an exquisite necklace made from lab grown diamonds. As people get more environment conscious, they understand the need to switch to energy efficient and sustainable choices. While natural diamonds are unique and eye-catchy,…

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