Diamond Earrings

A dash of brilliance, an air of sophistication, Evolv. diamond earrings are absolutely stunning, in the truest sense of the word. Diamond earrings are designed to be the epitome of beauty. They are perfect for a fancy dinner, a must-have for cocktail parties and an understated form of luxury at any social gathering.

Some of you will prefer the dangling diamonds glistening along graciously as you socialize at an evening out. Adorn your ears with decked out diamond earrings that produce intense lustre and glow in even the dimmest lighting. At Evolv., we carefully design each pair of diamond earrings to bring out the beauty of each stone while complementing your facial structure.

When you wear lab created diamond earrings, you make a bold statement. Our customers are those who admire perfection, nobility and kindness. When you shop a pair of lab created diamond earrings from Evolv., you enter our esteemed circle of trust.

Be the star of the party with head turning diamond earrings

At Evolv., our diamond earrings are made utilizing lab grown diamonds. We strongly believe that beauty resonates from the inside out. Our diamond earrings are lavish, luxurious and also shine with a gentle glow of kindness.

Each time you wear diamond earrings, you’ve got a reason to celebrate life. Carry yourself with an air of extra confidence knowing that your gorgeous jewelry comes from some of the most fascinating modern technology today.

If you are wondering whether lab created diamond earrings are just as good as the real thing, the answer is yes. A lab created diamond is sometimes also wrongly known as a cultured or cultivated diamond, and is produced in a controlled environment. A diamond in the mine is formed through geological processes over a period of time. A lab grown diamond is formed by diamond synthesis a process that was documented as early as 1879 with the first successful synthesis taking place in the year 1955.

Diamond earrings made with lab created diamonds are identical to other diamond earrings in terms of their toughness and overall physical, chemical and optical structure. Type 2A diamonds are the most superior and rare, only 2 to 3% of mined diamonds are type 2A. Mostly all lab grown diamonds are type 2A, making them technically superior.

Combining our expertise in jewelry design and our dedication to providing the highest quality material, we produce highly sought after lab created diamond earrings for our customers.


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