Diamond Rings

Lab grown diamond rings are lavish, luxurious, lustrous and blood free. At Evolv. our lab grown or man-made diamond rings are remarkably beautiful in their appearance. Like a custom built watch or one of its kind automobile, our diamond rings, are designed with the utmost precision and care to bring you the finest quality diamond jewelry.

So if you are about to propose to the love of your life or simply searching for the perfect gift, Evolv. diamond rings are the perfect choice. Indulge yourself in our elegant collection, try on a pair of lab created diamond rings today at one of our stores.

At Evolv. diamond rings are made utilizing lab grown diamonds. We strongly believe that beauty resonates from the inside out, which is why we choose to create man made diamond rings.

When you have a forever kind of love

If you are a first-time buyer of synthetic diamond rings, one thing should be clear, man made diamond rings are 100% real. Lab created diamonds also known as cultured or cultivated diamonds are produced in a controlled environment. A diamond in the mine is formed through geological processes over a period of time. A lab grown diamond is formed by diamond synthesis a process that was documented as early as 1879 with the first successful synthesis taking place in the year 1955.

Lab grown diamond rings are superior to other diamond rings in terms of their toughness and overall structure. Technically speaking, they are flawless in their beauty and unmatched in their composition.

Choose from a wide array of stylish wedding bands, engagement rings, and cocktail diamond rings. These lab grown diamond rings come in all sizes and shapes. Each pair of simulated diamond rings sits comfortably on your choice of precious metals from platinum to gold.

Whether you are choosing for your engagement, Valentine’s Day, a wedding anniversary or a birthday, man made diamond rings are the perfect choice for your special someone.

At Evolv., our lab created diamond rings are designed in harmony with the latest trends. We strongly believe that designs are an integral part of the beauty of each piece of jewelry. This is why we have an abundance of choices for your selection. Featuring classic shapes and modern ones, taking inspiration from the red carpet or designing new trends, we make head turning lab created diamond rings.


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