Wedding Sets

Weddings represent the highest level of love and commitment two people make to one another, promising one another a lifetime of togetherness and support. At Evolv, our simulated diamond wedding sets are loved by fashionable and conscious brides. Each set is designed majestically to suit your wedding gown and overall wedding theme. Our range is specifically created for the discerning bride who craves the best combination of style and elegance while not compromising on values of environmental friendliness.

Today, we live in a world where beauty can be free of cruelty, in fact if it is not, it is not seen as being beautiful at all. The modern bride is also well aware of the environment and chooses simulated diamond wedding sets to ensure that nature is not harmed in the process of celebrating her big day.

For the bride and groom, the wedding day represents one of the most memorable milestones of their lives. From a social perspective, a wedding is a reason to celebrate life itself in the presence of all the people you love the most.

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Shine bright with diamonds on your wedding day

Today, weddings are a reason to flaunt your personality, revel in joy with your family and friends and wear the very best of clothes and jewelry. At Evolv, we recognize the importance of weddings, especially when it comes to brides with discerning tastes. Our lab created diamond wedding sets are designed with the modern bride in mind.

Our lab created diamond wedding sets are lavish, luxurious, lustrous and blood free. At Evolv our simulated diamond wedding sets are singularly beautiful in their appearance. Like a custom built watch or one of its kind automobile, lab made diamond wedding sets are designed with the utmost precision and care to bring you the highest quality diamond jewelry in the world.

If you are a first-time buyer of synthetic diamond rings, one thing should be clear, man made diamond rings are 100% real. A lab created diamond also known as a cultured or cultivated diamond is produced in a controlled environment. A diamond in the mine is formed through geological processes over a period of time. A lab-grown diamond is formed by diamond synthesis a process that was documented as early as 1879 with the first successful synthesis taking place in the year 1955.

Lab created diamond wedding sets are superior to other diamond sets in terms of their toughness and overall structure. Technically speaking, they are flawless in their beauty and unmatched in their composition.


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